KIOKU is a design project.
It was born out of the energy of unique places, out of the emotions of our journeys, both real and dreamt. It found its truest expression in the personal aesthetic and artistic sensibility of Alessandro Cidda.

KIOKU is a memory captured by a camera, a detail whose essence explodes into a labyrinthine spread of suggestions, enveloping all the senses as a garment to wear, a travelling companion to places we alone can explore. In dreams and, equally, in life.
KIOKU is an homage to beauty, captured in a single detail and multiplied infinitely into a hypnotic composition to bewitch and enthral. KIOKU is a memory reflected in a silk weave, which bears testament to the timeless charm of a 5-millennium-old art.
It’s a story that you can reinvent every time you get lost in its maze and venture ever deeper into the twisting and turning fantasy of interpretation.

KIOKU ( 記憶 ) is the Japanese word for memory.

KIOKU is Made in Italy